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I have such talented fans!

An amazing fan/friend sent me a drawing that he did of me and it’s amazing. I absolutely love it! Thank you James. You are so talented.

Holly Hearts

This drawing below is another drawing someone did of me a couple weeks ago! They are both fantastic!


Johnny Depp Commission

This is a commission I did for a recent client of mine, Lindsey. She wanted a portrait of Johnny Depp and I was super excited because out of all the celebrities I have drawn, Johnny Depp wasn’t one of them. This portrait is drawn in charcoal on 8×10 sketch paper.

After shipping the portrait off to her, she recieved it a few days later and tweeted this picture to me on Twitter. She had framed it and put it out to display like it deserves! This truly fills my artist soul with pure joy when I get to see the client side by side with there art piece. I’m so happy she loves it.

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