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The Preying Grounds by Paul Morabito

‘These grounds aren’t meant for building. There meant for harvesting’

Prayfield is inhabited by an evil entity which becomes unleashed and has a serious thirst for vengeance. Yes there was a moment in the book where I thought it had taken a turn into the ‘bad scifi movie’ route but it quickly changed and started to make sense.

There are plenty of great twists and a-ha! moments that keep things fresh and exciting, even once you start to get a good idea of where the plot is going. If you manage to figure out some of the details, there are lots of surprises in store.

The ending was unsettling yet satisfying, and I get the feeling that it’ll be just as enjoyable to reread the story later.

In the mean time, I can certainly recommend THE PREYING GROUNDS. You’ll want to read it on a cold night with the lights turned low. It’s just that kind of novel.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you Paul for sending me a copy to review.


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