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Bound to the Abyss by James R. Vernon


Ven Khilada is a land of magic and gods. Settlements abound, both large and small, each with a life of their own and hidden secrets.

Except Rottwealth. A backwater village, surrounded by mountains and ignored by most, nothing of merit ever leaves the valley. Aside, of course, from the mystical plant which shares its name. A plant that can heal even the most dire wounds in a matter of moments, and flourishes within the swamp that takes up part of the valley.

Ean Sangrave, a disgruntled Healer’s apprentice barely in his twenties, wants to escape and start a new life outside of the village that hates him. If the village ever discovered Ean’s ability to summon creatures from the Abyss – like his closest friend, Zin the imp – judgment would be swift and punishment final.

When an unconquerable monster takes residence in the new mine, the mayor’s oldest son, Bran Erikson, is given the task of traveling to the capital city Lurthalan to seek help. To the surprise of the entire village, he chooses Ean to accompany him. But with a connection to a taboo god and a power he barely understands, can Ean fit into the world outside of his secluded village, or will the stigma that has been placed on him since birth follow him the rest of his life.

My Review:

Ean, a young boy, lives in a small village called Rottwealth. He is the village Healers apprentice and is hated by almost everyone in town. He holds a secret which is engraved on his hand. He has a connection to the abyss which allows him to summon terrifying creatures. Unexpectedly, a group of people beaten and bleeding stumble into the village from there local mine speak of a foul creature that has taken residence there. Oh boy, what shall they do?

While I think this is a good read, it fell short of me falling in love with it. There were typeos every now and then and it seemed to have a lot of repetitive sentences where the characters would repeat themselves constantly. Okay, we get it!

Also this book had a certain element that I can’t stand to read anymore. Every character is SO FREAKING RUDE! (Even the creatures!) So rude that it got really annoying. I understand everyone is supposed to hate the main character but can’t we all just get along?

It did hold my attention the whole way through. It had a ton of adventure and the plot was very original and interesting. I found all the monsters our protagonist pulled from the abyss super creepy and had me at the edge of my seat.

I recommend this to any fantasy readers.

3.7 out of 5 Stars

Thank you James for sending me a copy to review.


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