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Never Never by Brianna R. Shrum

“Good things do not happen to boys who lie.”

This book was DARK and I mean REALLY DARK.

James Hook is a young boy living in London with his mother and father. Though he is young, he has always dreamed of becoming a man. To sail the seas and to smell like the salty ocean air just like his father. One night he decides to venture into Kensington Park and there he meets Pan. Peter Pan. And he has an amazing offer that James can’t refuse. A trip to Neverland.

What he thought would only be a nice short holiday vacation to Neverland with an easy going, fun and strange boy his age. Ends up being a nightmare he has never dreamed before.

Peter Pan is a complete asshole.. Sorry for my language but it’s true as that’s all it really comes down to. He immediately changes personality after taking James to his faraway land. He murders. He lies. He’s cocky and extremely controlling and there’s one thing you CANNOT cross when it comes to Peter, you cannot break his rules and that’s unfortunate for James.

Rule #1: You’re not allowed to know things Peter doesn’t know.
Rule #2: You’re not aloud to be taller than him.
Rule #3 (the most important rule): Absolutely no growing up

“Peter’s mood became blacker and blacker until every fairy had wisely disappeared from the party, and the air smelled vaguely like smoke and sulfur.”

He’s the freaking devil I tell ya..

This book is separated into several parts and we get to see the span of years that James spends in Neverland. I found the first part to be very slow and boring. It was hard to get into but the story became much more interesting and action packed as James became more independent and well.. grown up.

The book actually reminds me of a cartoon. Starring James as the Wildly Coyote who keeps trying different ways to kill Peter Pan, the Roadrunner but keeps failing because Pan is too quick and speedy. Yup. Definitely..

If you want to read a book that is just hopeless, depressing, full of despair and where nothing remotely heart warming happens, this book is for you.

3 out of 5 stars

Thank you Brianna for a copy to review.


Up From the Sea by Leza Lowitz

“At 2:46 on Friday, March 11, 2016, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Tohoku region of Honshu, Japan. It was the strongest temblor ever to hit that quake-prone country, and the fourth largest in the world. It lasted six minutes. After the quake struck, a massive tsunami followed. Waves reaching up to 133 feet.”

11,106 aftershocks
Approximately 15,889 deaths
6,152 injured
2,601 still missing
127,290 buildings destroyed

This is Up From the Sea. We follow a young boy by the name of Kai living in a coastal village in Japan. We relive his whole devastating experience while he loses everyone he loves.

“At 2:46 p.m., when I’m sitting in Math, waiting for the bell to ring, and the earth starts to shake.”

Throughout the story we do get glimpses of Kai’s normal life before the tragic event which adds a blend of light and dark, happiness and not-happiness, and it’s incredibly effective.

I wasn’t planning on reading this book for another few days. I simply grabbed it from my shelf just to read the first sentence. A normal routine I do with every new book I receive. I read that one sentence. Sit down and found myself completely immersed and changing it from TBR to Currently Reading almost immediately. Which lead to me finishing the entire thing in one sitting.

The entirety of this book is written in verse and I thought “is that going to take the emotion away from this tragic eventful story?” NO. In all honesty, I wouldn’t want this book written any other way.

It’s heartbreaking, terrifying, disturbing, and oh so very important.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you Leza for sending me a copy to review.


JANUARY WRAP UP 2016!! I had a pretty good reading month for the start of the year. The only book I didn’t enjoy was “A Reaper of Stone” (the thinnest book on top)

I’ll be finishing up The Mortal Instruments series in February! Did you guys have a good reading month?



Silverlight by S.L. Jesberger

“The truth was excruciatingly painful. I was a pale imitation of my former self, and I wanted Magnus to know just how bad it truly was.”

Magnus Tryx has been lovesick for the past 10 years. His beloved woman Kymber Oryx, one of the most fiercest warriors known throughout the land, died in the battle of Marilian, buried in a mass grave. Or so he thought..

While traveling the roads outside Jalarath, he stumbles upon a pack of thieves hurting a bruised and beaten young woman who had taken home in one of the nearby caves. On closer inspection, he comes to realize it is Kymber. Her head almost shaven, her body skeletal, and white scars infesting her whole body.

This is a story about love, triumph, and revenge.

This novels strength is its powerful story about overcoming ones demons, having the strength to move forward no matter how unforgettably painful your past is. This is where our character Kymber comes in. We learn her struggle throughout most of the book. Fighting her depression to be the warrior she once was. There are many points in the story when you truly root for Kymber for her perseverance.

In terms of pacing, the book was a bit slow to start which is both a strength and a weakness. It allows for a slow, cleverly-painted picture to build up this relationship and it’s many secrets but I really just wanted more action to come into play so badly and the dialogue can be a bit cheesy at times.

Magnus… My god..
I did not understand his tactics AT ALL. His character made me angry far too many times. Thankfully his character becomes more likeable towards the end of the book but thinking on it now, I truly must have cared for Kymber to feel this way toward Magnus. Kymber made this book enjoyable. She made the story and that is why you should pick this book up.

“If nothing else, I’d learned an inescapable truth: we all carried darkness inside us. Some of us harbored monsters.”

3.5 out of 5 stars

Thank you S.L. Jesberger for sending me a copy to review.


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