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Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen


Sarah has always been on the move. Her mother hates the cold, so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun. She’s grown up lonely and longing for magic. She doesn’t know that it’s magic her parents are running from.

When Sarah’s mother walks out on their family, all the strange old magic they have tried to hide from comes rising into their mundane world. Her father begins to change into something wild and beastly, but before his transformation is complete, he takes Sarah to her grandparents—people she has never met, didn’t even know were still alive.

Deep in the forest, in a crumbling ruin of a castle, Sarah begins to untangle the layers of curses affecting her family bloodlines, until she discovers that the curse has carried over to her, too. The day she falls in love for the first time, Sarah will transform into a beast . . . unless she can figure out a way to break the curse forever.

My Review:

“The people who should have loved her hadn’t; her enemies wore smiles, her family, snarls.”

This book was actually kind of hard to get into the first 50 pages and it still took me forever to read. It’s such a tiny book. I picked it up thinking I would fly through it in a day or two. 1 week went by, then I realized I just wasn’t attached. I went into it not knowing almost anything about the story. The writing was very beautiful and I liked that it had a brutally honest view on love and fairy tale endings but the grasp on the curse throughout the whole story was just a little hard to keep hold on and the ending felt super rushed right at the end especially since the world building in the beginning was really slow.

3 out of 5 stars


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