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Once again, award-winning horror master David C. Cassidy takes his readers into a realm of terror, a world unlike any other. With the inspired flair of Clive Barker and the pulse-pounding beat of Stephen King, The Dark is a supernatural thriller that will leave you breathless, reminding us all that for all we desire there is always a price, the currency in suffering and sacrifice.


In denial over his father’s death in a horrific accident, Kelan Lisk has grown fearful and withdrawn. For this meek and bullied child, a burning desire to tame a deadly sledding hill consumes him, drawing him inside a wondrous place where anything is possible … including his father. But as this strange new realm spills into this one, twisting an innocent little boy into an agent of evil, the world is forever changed, devoured by an even greater evil–the Dark.


This book scared me. Really scared me. There are a couple of horror books that really freak me out to where I can’t even read them at night. This is one of them. And yet, I could not stop reading.

I think my taste for horror stories must be increasing because I really enjoyed this book. It certainly has it’s moments but they are actually more gruesome than horrific. I loved the whole thing. Cassidy’s writing is fantastic and his characters are easy to like and become involved with. The story builds slowly and I like the way the author spends time on pleasant everyday life in between the horror. The contrast is great and it gives the reader a moment to breathe and relax.

Aside from being well-plotted, creepy and evocative, the novel is scary because it taps into basic and primal fears that many families have. The novel is also melancholy and tragic. It goes to such depths of fear and sadness. it’s brutal and in tone with the dark atmosphere of the whole book.

The ending is excellently done. No riding off into the sunset. A really good read.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you David for sending me a copy to review.



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