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Dorothy Dreyer does it again.

This is what a second book in a series is supposed to be like. Dorothy has created beautiful character development we didn’t get to see in the first book. We finally get to see Mara’s true character after being released from her Reaper in the first book. I loved reading the relationships intertwined in this gang of friends. It was like the glue that kept this book together and the characters dialogue made me laugh out loud and it’s rare for a book to do that.

It was funny because at times I was like, oh something bad is going to happen right now. Then it didn’t, only to happen when I least expected it. It made me on edge and nervous when I needed to be.

Even though I gave this book 5 stars, there is one thing that constantly bothered me throughout the book. That is why do they keep leaving Zadie alone when they know the reaper is after her! GAHH!! I know the author does this to create action and suspense but geez, keep an eye on that girl!

I also found it funny that Chase trained Zadie and Mara with throwing daggers and shooting crossbows but it looked to me that Chase needed the training..

After trying my best to nit-pick these small things, this was a fantastic read! I am happy to own this series so I can go back and relive these best friends fight to overcome death itself.

5 out of 5 Stars

Thank you Dorothy for sending me a copy to review.




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