Artwork and Book Reviews!

The story about how I got into drawing portraits is kind of a sad one but first let’s talk about what I would draw when I was younger.

I remember when my mother brought me home my very first sketchbook in elementary school and the first thing I drew in it was a girl. I’m not saying portrait because it was a very bad drawing of a girl. Standard round eyes and ‘U’ shaped smile. (Thank goodness I got better!)

All through elementary and middle school I would draw fantasy artwork. ALL fantasy! I loved it! Fairies, dragons, elves, video game characters. I had sketchbooks after sketchbooks of only these things. I would go into DeviantArt and search fantasy artwork and try my best to mimic what they drew. I think this is the reason why I can look at pictures and draw them perfectly on paper exactly how they look. I see every line, width and length, and transfer it on my blank sketch paper. I got pretty good at that!

I took art classes every single year of schooling. Around my Junior year, I started noticing everybody drawing anime and manga and I absolutely hated it!!!! If I saw someone drawing an anime character in art class, It irritated me. This pushed me into drawing realistically because no one else was doing it. I’m just being honest here and I DO NOT feel this way anymore. I draw manga myself now.

Now to the serious part, graduation day arrived (2011) and I was so happy even though it was 100 degrees on the football field.. After the ceremony was over, my mom, step dad, my boyfriend Daren and I were heading back to Daren’s house and his family tragically lost there bulldog Dozer just minutes before we pulled in. His family was devastated. After some days had passed, I decided to draw a portrait of Dozer for the family in charcoal (which I was first introduced to in my high school art class.) They absolutely loved it and were in tears. This made me realize how great and important it can be to have such a personalized memory of a family pet or loved one in a drawing. Darens mother told me that I had a talent to capture the likeness/emotion in a photograph.
This is when I created my Facebook page which was originally called Hollys Pet Portraits, then to Hollys Charcoal Portraits and has grown into being called Hollys Hearts Art and I welcome all of you to be part of my growing family and to make room in your life for the world of art. You never know when it might change your life.


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